Thursday, May 18, 2006


Something is going on!

OK, what is going on??

First doggie-momma and doggie-daddy were gone for a weekend, and lots of nice smelling little-bitty clothes disappeared while I was at the doggie spa pethotel!

THEN last week, doggie-momma brought this into the house!

When she first brought it in, I was SURE it was for ME - it looks just the right size for me to jump into it and snuggle down for a nice nap!!

But NOOOOOOOOOO-- doggie-momma put it onto a "cradle" thingy, and then it was too high for me to get into it. AND It smells REALLY STRANGE!

And doggie-momma is crocheting the softest, yummiest smelling blankie but won't let me even LAY on it-NOT at ALL!! She shooes me away and say "Leave it" which is doggie speak to me to not even SNIFF it!

Hrmmmmmmmph! I've got a nice blankie and I know how nice blankies are and how soft and how good I sleep on them, but she tells me this one is for someone called "Baby Hazel." Hmmmm??? I wonder who this Baby Hazel could be??

AND, this very week, Doggie-momma and Doggie-daddy FENCED IN MY NEW TOILETTE!! - YES, my "brand new, 2 level, smells JUST like cow doo-doo" Toilette!

AND I had been SOOOOOOOOOO good showing them how much I appreciated it!

Yep, every time they were outside near my New Toilette, I'd go right over to it and do my business sooooooooo proudly! And I know they liked me using my new toilette, as they laughed at me each time I used it!

And now it looks like this! By the way-don't tell anyone BUT....
doggie-momma was so funny looking when she FELL into the Fence thingy they had worked so hard to put up over the weekend! She was a riot falling into those rocks and ending up sideways against the fence! hahahhahhhhahhahah!!!

She didn't seem to happy, and her knees were skinned and bleeding and she wouldn't even let me KISS her hurt knees!

Hmmmmmmmph! And I am the best Kisser there ever was! Hmmmmmph!

Well, gotta go, Doggie-momma is getting ready to "go car" and I've got to nap, so I can be helpful when she returns!

Love you all-sniffs and kisses to all!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Oh My Goodness-what a day I had!

I was outside, patrolling, like always and somehow I got my harness HUNG up on something under the deck-and I barked and whined and cried and DOGGIE-MOMMA didn't come EVER!!!!

I WAS FRANTIC!!!!!! - And Doggie-Momma just IGNORED me! Humpfh!

So finally, I managed to get my self un-hooked but look at me, I'm a MESS!

And Doggie-Momma fussed at me when I was calling to her and barking and whining and she hurt my feelers!

So I'm going to go out and eat dirt!

(so there-BAD Doggie-Momma-BAD!)

Hm-I'm gonna stay mad at least one WHOLE day!

ZZ-who is still mad at Doggie-Momma! (Humpfh!)

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