Thursday, June 15, 2006


OMG-look how long it's been since I blogged!

Hi all, me, ZZ (the magnificant) here again!

Gosh, I've been a very busy puppy!

As you can see, I've been helping Doggie-momma put in our yummy garden! I really like it cause it has some yummy cucumbers growing and I really LOVE cukes-as long as DM(Doggie-momma) cuts off that bitter green stuff that covers the yummy cukes insides!

I've been to the doggie spa for WEEKS AT A TIME! Doggie-momma and Doggie-daddy have been traveling and I get to go play with other doggies and sleep and play and sleep ALL day long!

This is me above eating yummy cucumbers on our deck! I can't wait until I can get some from our very own garden!!

First, Doggie-momma and Doggie-daddy went to see Leslie and Jacob and their "bump" - see photo!

They tell me something wonderful is going to happen and I get to be a "grand-watch-dog" at Christmas. I don't have a clue what this means!!

Doggie-momma has been working on a wonderfully soft blankie BUT won't let me get on it, but I managed to sneak onto it for about 5 seconds while she was grabbing the camera!!
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It is fabulously soft, and now has a nice edge, but DM just won't let me sit on it, no matter how HARD I try! And she knows I absolutely LoVE blankies ALL blankies!!

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Here I am playing with one of my sleeping pads-I just was joshing around and this is how I ended up!
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Doggie-momma was gone 10 whole days-she says she did the grand tour of Florida-Orlando-Tampa-Marco Island-Miami-Key West , back to Miami and then up to Daytona! AND she had 2 (yes two) convertibles-one was a PT cruiser and one was a mustang!

She decided neither one will work for her-so that red mercedes is still tops on her list! (I like it cause it has air-conditioned SEATS! WOW!)

And DM got to meet Phillips girfriend-Jennifer- OOOOOOOOOOhhhh! She is gorgeous-almost as pretty as Me!

They all got to play on the beach at Daytona (BUT NOT ME! OH NO-good little doggies like me don't get to play on that beach! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Doggie-momma says Jennifer and Phil seemed real happy to be together! I hope I get to meet Jennifer!

Doggie-momma got to go all the way down to the very tip of Florida-and here is PROOF!

And she got this gorgeous photo of a beautiful sunset!

And here I am "resting" after having to stay at the doggie spa for EONS!


Gotta go get shots at the VET-EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK! (I don't like Vets!)

ZZ the magnificant

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