Thursday, April 27, 2006


Don't I look pretty??

Yes, here I am in all my doggie beautiful-ness! Doggie-Momma took me to the beauty shop for doggies and I came back gorgeous! AND I smell fabulous! Doggie-Momma said I was the prettiest doggie ever! That made me feel soooooo good! (doggie-momma has me on a diet-she says I have too much booty...what is booty??)

Other things are happening- birdies are really enjoying the new waterfall, and Doggie-momma said they were being dirty birds - they were making baby birds right out in the open! (facinating how clean the lady-birds are!)

So here is a photo of the lady bird cleaning herself up to look alluring to the gentlemen-birds!

AND here are the gentlemen-birds lined up on the railing and on the deck to go visit with the lady-bird who is in the lower right in the waterfall taking a bath!

Here she is - when she wants the gentlemen-birds to visit, she arches her back, puts her beak up in the air and then spreads her tail feather REAL wide and the gentlemen-birds zip over and in about one nano-second the deed is done! And then she takes another bath! Very funny to watch!

AND we are going to have a yummy garden this year. Doggie-momma bought lots of good veggies plants. I like carrots and cucumbers, so I hope she can find those goodies for me! I intend to help her EVERY day when she works in the garden-it makes a great bathroom for me, so I'll make sure it gets LOTS of fertilizer!

AND it snowed Tuesday and the bunnies liked it a lot! Once when Doggie-momma came home there were 5 bunnies at the sidewalk by the front door.

Doggie-momma had strangers in this week, someone who speak German (I LoVED that) who is going to make us a new kitchen, and someone who is going to put new floors and carpet in the house! LOTS of good things going on!

Love you ALL
ZZ the magnificent!

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Hi all! Fabulous day yesterday!


AND it sounds FABULOUS!!!! REAL LOUD!!!

My new pond is now about 2 1/2 feet deep and about 4-5 feet wide! It has a cool new pump that just SHOOTS that water out!

AND did you notice the wonderful shade tree! It will take a while, but it will be wonderful in about 5 years...just perfect for me to lay in the shade on my cool deck and listen to the waterfall!!

Here's my doggie-daddy listening to my new pond! He and doggie-momma LOVE it and she and I had breakfast this morning sitting next to the waterfall, enjoying the wonderful sounds!

Love to you all, we're having fabulous weather but supposed to have snow tonight!!
ZZ the magnificent!

Friday, April 07, 2006


AND they stole my POND!

LOOK - my pond has been stolen!

AND these people stole my POND-look- it is GONE!!!

And as you can see, they left me NOTHING!

And here is the remenants of my dear shade tree-gone from my life forever!

And I can't even get to my cookie jar!

My Doggie-momma put this big box in front of it so I can't knock it off and eat ALL my cookies! This is not the way I planned it!


Someone stole my shade tree!

ZZ's blog:

OMGoodness! Some strange people came with a loud machine today and cut down my favorite shade tree! I cannot believe my doggie-momma let these guys climb into MY tree and cut it up!

Here are some photos:

Here is a stranger in MY tree!

Here is My tree-fighting mightily to stay alive!

HERE is the dirty deed! OH!

Here they attack MY tree even when it lays mortally wounded!

MY heart is breaking!

AND here the carnage lays, for all the world to see!

Monday, April 03, 2006


Hi all, here is ZZ in "jail" she has started laying behind Dad's chair and watching me cook in the kitchen. I spent much of the day looking for a sewing machine cabinet- no luck, but saw a LOT of OLD junky things! I'm checking to see if Califoria Closet can make one for one of the closets- that would be much better! Love you ALL!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


ZeeZee's Blog!

Hi kiddos, I've decided to post some photos of ZeeZee so you all can visit it and see what she is doing!

She has decided the hot tub is a good place to sit on cold days, cause it is warmer there!

And when she is not there, she is helping me check things on the computer!
And then, when she wants something, she "sits pretty!"

And, of course there is always NAP time!

Check here often and see what she has been up to!


ZZ and DAD are caught napping!


Here is PROOF!!

They practiced this napping together while I was in Mississippin in January! As you can see, they've got it down to a science!

We got some snow on 3/20/06 and ZZ wanted to play, but kept coming back in after 3-4 minutes, so I decided she needed her ski parka, and here are some photos of her playing that day!

Here she is- when the snow just started. She wanted to go out about every 10 minutes for only 2-3 minutes, so I dug out her parka and she started having fun! The longest she stayed out was 20 minutes!

We got about 8-9 inches total snow!

She was tunneling through the snow and LOVING it!

So, she had a great day playing in the snow!

And just so you know, we still have beautiful sunsets! This was 8/4/05!

Love to you all from ZZ and MOM!

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