Thursday, April 27, 2006


Don't I look pretty??

Yes, here I am in all my doggie beautiful-ness! Doggie-Momma took me to the beauty shop for doggies and I came back gorgeous! AND I smell fabulous! Doggie-Momma said I was the prettiest doggie ever! That made me feel soooooo good! (doggie-momma has me on a diet-she says I have too much booty...what is booty??)

Other things are happening- birdies are really enjoying the new waterfall, and Doggie-momma said they were being dirty birds - they were making baby birds right out in the open! (facinating how clean the lady-birds are!)

So here is a photo of the lady bird cleaning herself up to look alluring to the gentlemen-birds!

AND here are the gentlemen-birds lined up on the railing and on the deck to go visit with the lady-bird who is in the lower right in the waterfall taking a bath!

Here she is - when she wants the gentlemen-birds to visit, she arches her back, puts her beak up in the air and then spreads her tail feather REAL wide and the gentlemen-birds zip over and in about one nano-second the deed is done! And then she takes another bath! Very funny to watch!

AND we are going to have a yummy garden this year. Doggie-momma bought lots of good veggies plants. I like carrots and cucumbers, so I hope she can find those goodies for me! I intend to help her EVERY day when she works in the garden-it makes a great bathroom for me, so I'll make sure it gets LOTS of fertilizer!

AND it snowed Tuesday and the bunnies liked it a lot! Once when Doggie-momma came home there were 5 bunnies at the sidewalk by the front door.

Doggie-momma had strangers in this week, someone who speak German (I LoVED that) who is going to make us a new kitchen, and someone who is going to put new floors and carpet in the house! LOTS of good things going on!

Love you ALL
ZZ the magnificent!

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