Friday, November 24, 2006


Very Sad News-ZeeZee is gone.

Hi this is ZeeZee's doggie-momma and my heart is broken.

ZeeZee the Magnificent Schnauzer died November 17 while undergoing surgery for a simple removal of a grown between her foot pads. She had undergone a similar surgery about 6 months ago with absolutely NO problems, but this time something went terribly, terribly wrong.

She died shortly after the vet gave her some medicine, after administering 2 anesthesia meds that she had tollerated just fine the previous surgery. Upon administering a third medication, ZeeZee had a seizure and never took a breath afterwards. The vet tells me she was under anesthesia so had no fear or pain. They tried everything they could, as ZeeZee was one of their favorite patients and has made us laugh when she got up in a chair and I was on the floor trying to show the doctor her paw. I remarked: "This is just want she dreams about, her in the chair and me on the floor."

My heart is broken. She was only 7 years old and we had thought we had at least 5 or 6 more wonderful years with her. I've included some of my favorite photos of her. She loved the camera and will be dearly missed.

She gave us much, much happiness and smiles as she had a very unique personality.

She will be dearly missed.

Good bye my darling, darling doggie. Momma loves you!

Friday, July 21, 2006


All is well!

Well, it's been a while since I blogged! Doggie Momma has not been feeling all that well-her feet are hurting and she has to put very cold hard stuff she calls "ice" on them several times a day, and wear special shoes and special blue thingy's that hold her feet stiff for 4 hours at a time!

I've been trying to make her feel better, I bring her my toys (moo-cow and Alvin, Simon or Theodore, kitty-kitty and in fact, if she would just put my toy basket down, I'd bring all of them to her, but she says "no mess" which means I'm limited to 'only' 4-5 toys to play with at one time! I don't know why-she knows I LOVE all my toys and want to play all day with all of them! Hmmmmmmph!

Anyway, in between her feet hurting, we've been doing lots of gardening and crocheting stuff for Baby Hazel-here are some photos of our garden!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


OMG-look how long it's been since I blogged!

Hi all, me, ZZ (the magnificant) here again!

Gosh, I've been a very busy puppy!

As you can see, I've been helping Doggie-momma put in our yummy garden! I really like it cause it has some yummy cucumbers growing and I really LOVE cukes-as long as DM(Doggie-momma) cuts off that bitter green stuff that covers the yummy cukes insides!

I've been to the doggie spa for WEEKS AT A TIME! Doggie-momma and Doggie-daddy have been traveling and I get to go play with other doggies and sleep and play and sleep ALL day long!

This is me above eating yummy cucumbers on our deck! I can't wait until I can get some from our very own garden!!

First, Doggie-momma and Doggie-daddy went to see Leslie and Jacob and their "bump" - see photo!

They tell me something wonderful is going to happen and I get to be a "grand-watch-dog" at Christmas. I don't have a clue what this means!!

Doggie-momma has been working on a wonderfully soft blankie BUT won't let me get on it, but I managed to sneak onto it for about 5 seconds while she was grabbing the camera!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It is fabulously soft, and now has a nice edge, but DM just won't let me sit on it, no matter how HARD I try! And she knows I absolutely LoVE blankies ALL blankies!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Here I am playing with one of my sleeping pads-I just was joshing around and this is how I ended up!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Doggie-momma was gone 10 whole days-she says she did the grand tour of Florida-Orlando-Tampa-Marco Island-Miami-Key West , back to Miami and then up to Daytona! AND she had 2 (yes two) convertibles-one was a PT cruiser and one was a mustang!

She decided neither one will work for her-so that red mercedes is still tops on her list! (I like it cause it has air-conditioned SEATS! WOW!)

And DM got to meet Phillips girfriend-Jennifer- OOOOOOOOOOhhhh! She is gorgeous-almost as pretty as Me!

They all got to play on the beach at Daytona (BUT NOT ME! OH NO-good little doggies like me don't get to play on that beach! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Doggie-momma says Jennifer and Phil seemed real happy to be together! I hope I get to meet Jennifer!

Doggie-momma got to go all the way down to the very tip of Florida-and here is PROOF!

And she got this gorgeous photo of a beautiful sunset!

And here I am "resting" after having to stay at the doggie spa for EONS!


Gotta go get shots at the VET-EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK! (I don't like Vets!)

ZZ the magnificant

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Something is going on!

OK, what is going on??

First doggie-momma and doggie-daddy were gone for a weekend, and lots of nice smelling little-bitty clothes disappeared while I was at the doggie spa pethotel!

THEN last week, doggie-momma brought this into the house!

When she first brought it in, I was SURE it was for ME - it looks just the right size for me to jump into it and snuggle down for a nice nap!!

But NOOOOOOOOOO-- doggie-momma put it onto a "cradle" thingy, and then it was too high for me to get into it. AND It smells REALLY STRANGE!

And doggie-momma is crocheting the softest, yummiest smelling blankie but won't let me even LAY on it-NOT at ALL!! She shooes me away and say "Leave it" which is doggie speak to me to not even SNIFF it!

Hrmmmmmmmph! I've got a nice blankie and I know how nice blankies are and how soft and how good I sleep on them, but she tells me this one is for someone called "Baby Hazel." Hmmmm??? I wonder who this Baby Hazel could be??

AND, this very week, Doggie-momma and Doggie-daddy FENCED IN MY NEW TOILETTE!! - YES, my "brand new, 2 level, smells JUST like cow doo-doo" Toilette!

AND I had been SOOOOOOOOOO good showing them how much I appreciated it!

Yep, every time they were outside near my New Toilette, I'd go right over to it and do my business sooooooooo proudly! And I know they liked me using my new toilette, as they laughed at me each time I used it!

And now it looks like this! By the way-don't tell anyone BUT....
doggie-momma was so funny looking when she FELL into the Fence thingy they had worked so hard to put up over the weekend! She was a riot falling into those rocks and ending up sideways against the fence! hahahhahhhhahhahah!!!

She didn't seem to happy, and her knees were skinned and bleeding and she wouldn't even let me KISS her hurt knees!

Hmmmmmmmph! And I am the best Kisser there ever was! Hmmmmmph!

Well, gotta go, Doggie-momma is getting ready to "go car" and I've got to nap, so I can be helpful when she returns!

Love you all-sniffs and kisses to all!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Oh My Goodness-what a day I had!

I was outside, patrolling, like always and somehow I got my harness HUNG up on something under the deck-and I barked and whined and cried and DOGGIE-MOMMA didn't come EVER!!!!

I WAS FRANTIC!!!!!! - And Doggie-Momma just IGNORED me! Humpfh!

So finally, I managed to get my self un-hooked but look at me, I'm a MESS!

And Doggie-Momma fussed at me when I was calling to her and barking and whining and she hurt my feelers!

So I'm going to go out and eat dirt!

(so there-BAD Doggie-Momma-BAD!)

Hm-I'm gonna stay mad at least one WHOLE day!

ZZ-who is still mad at Doggie-Momma! (Humpfh!)

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Don't I look pretty??

Yes, here I am in all my doggie beautiful-ness! Doggie-Momma took me to the beauty shop for doggies and I came back gorgeous! AND I smell fabulous! Doggie-Momma said I was the prettiest doggie ever! That made me feel soooooo good! (doggie-momma has me on a diet-she says I have too much booty...what is booty??)

Other things are happening- birdies are really enjoying the new waterfall, and Doggie-momma said they were being dirty birds - they were making baby birds right out in the open! (facinating how clean the lady-birds are!)

So here is a photo of the lady bird cleaning herself up to look alluring to the gentlemen-birds!

AND here are the gentlemen-birds lined up on the railing and on the deck to go visit with the lady-bird who is in the lower right in the waterfall taking a bath!

Here she is - when she wants the gentlemen-birds to visit, she arches her back, puts her beak up in the air and then spreads her tail feather REAL wide and the gentlemen-birds zip over and in about one nano-second the deed is done! And then she takes another bath! Very funny to watch!

AND we are going to have a yummy garden this year. Doggie-momma bought lots of good veggies plants. I like carrots and cucumbers, so I hope she can find those goodies for me! I intend to help her EVERY day when she works in the garden-it makes a great bathroom for me, so I'll make sure it gets LOTS of fertilizer!

AND it snowed Tuesday and the bunnies liked it a lot! Once when Doggie-momma came home there were 5 bunnies at the sidewalk by the front door.

Doggie-momma had strangers in this week, someone who speak German (I LoVED that) who is going to make us a new kitchen, and someone who is going to put new floors and carpet in the house! LOTS of good things going on!

Love you ALL
ZZ the magnificent!

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Hi all! Fabulous day yesterday!


AND it sounds FABULOUS!!!! REAL LOUD!!!

My new pond is now about 2 1/2 feet deep and about 4-5 feet wide! It has a cool new pump that just SHOOTS that water out!

AND did you notice the wonderful shade tree! It will take a while, but it will be wonderful in about 5 years...just perfect for me to lay in the shade on my cool deck and listen to the waterfall!!

Here's my doggie-daddy listening to my new pond! He and doggie-momma LOVE it and she and I had breakfast this morning sitting next to the waterfall, enjoying the wonderful sounds!

Love to you all, we're having fabulous weather but supposed to have snow tonight!!
ZZ the magnificent!

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