Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Oh My Goodness-what a day I had!

I was outside, patrolling, like always and somehow I got my harness HUNG up on something under the deck-and I barked and whined and cried and DOGGIE-MOMMA didn't come EVER!!!!

I WAS FRANTIC!!!!!! - And Doggie-Momma just IGNORED me! Humpfh!

So finally, I managed to get my self un-hooked but look at me, I'm a MESS!

And Doggie-Momma fussed at me when I was calling to her and barking and whining and she hurt my feelers!

So I'm going to go out and eat dirt!

(so there-BAD Doggie-Momma-BAD!)

Hm-I'm gonna stay mad at least one WHOLE day!

ZZ-who is still mad at Doggie-Momma! (Humpfh!)

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